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It was a pleasure visiting your shop (SRI VARSHA ORGANIC STORE) on 19th of August. Your ingredients store is really amazing and well appreciated because of quality products and hygiene. This is very much useful to me & my family; I have tried few ingredients from your store which was very flavorful and healthy. This store is one of the best stores I have ever visited, will come back to you for more of such kinds. If you can procure green moong dal whole, black chana whole & dal lobia for making sprouts out of it.It was nice visiting your place.Kindly pass my regards to your staff for helping me by clearing my queries time to time to time, all the very best.

Culinary Regards,
MV Naidu
Executive Sous Chef
Marriott Hyderabad
Mobile No: 9603048000

I have been using their products and the organic veggies from last 1 year. And I can see much improvement in my kids health. I would highly recommend Sri Varsha Organic Store.

Mrs Smitha
House wife

Perfect place to shop organic foods and daily needs. It's a one stop shop.
The only organic shop in between Koti and Himayatnagar. Impressed with their products.

They have many nutrition based food products, and they also conduct many events about health .

Herbs and Roots Manufacturer

Mrs Aparna Organic Store: It's a BOON for the residents in and an around Himayatnagar that a 24 letter mantra opened a couple of years. Since then I have been a regular customer, assured quality, prompt info with regard to special offers, stock arrivals are helpful. We love ❤ to continue with our patronage.

Mrs K.s.lashmi.
Principal Abhignaa Prim School ?

you’ll fall in love Organic food!

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